English Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary is a set of words that are used in a specific language. It includes all of the words you understand when you read, write or listen to some

Introduction to Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary is a set of words that are used in a specific language. It includes all of the words you understand when you read, write or listen to someone speak. It can refer to a physical thing, such as a book that defines or explains a set of terms. It can also refer to things that aren't words such as a list or collection of phrases or codes that can be utilized.

Definition of vocabulary

The term "vocabulary" can refer to a collection of terms that an individual or a group of people is familiar with. It can also refer to a collection of specialist terms in a subject of study or practice. Some of the vocabulary words that are used in day-to-day lives in the English language are:-Come, here, there, drink, go, eat, no, right, sit, cool, fan, school, tree, book, and good.

Importance of Vocabulary

Vocabulary is all about the words you know in a particular language. It is very important to learn and understand the concept and importance of vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary is the raw materials with which we can communicate our thoughts, and ideas, share information, and strengthen personal bonds.
  • Vocabulary words help in effective communication.
  • Good vocabulary makes your personality impressive.
  • You can express yourself better.

Types of vocabulary

Vocabulary can be divided into 4 categories. We can see the explanation of each type of vocabulary.

  1. Listening vocabulary
  2. speaking vocabulary
  3. Reading vocabulary
  4. Writing vocabulary.

Let's explain all the four types of vocabulary in detail:

1. Listening vocabulary:- Listening vocabulary is made up of words that we understand by hearing them. Visual listening vocabulary can be introduced to deaf persons to help them learn.

Listening Vocabulary
Listening Vocabulary

2. Speaking vocabulary:- The words we actually say make up our speaking vocabulary. These are used to communicate and give instructions. The words we use when speaking are considered to be our speaking vocabulary.

Speaking Vocabulary
Speaking Vocabulary

3. Reading vocabulary:- Reading is a key component of vocabulary. Your vocabulary is a result of reading. Reading vocabulary refers to the terms we pick up while reading a text.

Reading Vocabulary
Reading Vocabulary

4. Writing vocabulary:- Writing vocabulary refers to the words we recover while expressing ourselves through writing. It is found easy to express ourselves vocally, through facial expressions, or intonation. The vocabulary we use when writing is made up of words.

Writing Vocabulary
Writing Vocabulary

Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary

  • Develop a Reading Habit,
  • Play word games like puzzles and crosswords,
  • Learn new vocabulary by using it in conversation.
  • English dictionary words can be also helpful to improve vocabulary.
  • Use of new words.

Let’s summarise the topic

In this topic, we learn about vocabulary, the importance of vocabulary, and the types of vocabulary. And understand how important it is to know the words but due to a lack of education, poor skills, or learning difficulties, people struggle with vocabulary. Your communication abilities will develop as a result of learning and exploring new words and then utilizing them in various situations. Continue to learn antonyms, synonyms, connotations, idioms, and phrases as well as read a variety of books to expand or improve your vocabulary.

Practice Questions

Q 1. Write 5 Vocabulary words for the synonym of beautiful?

Ans: Comely, fair, handsome, lovely, and pretty.

Q 2: Write 5 Vocabulary words for the antonym of beautiful?


  • awkward
  • bad
  • coarse
  • crude
  • drab


Q 1. State the types of vocabulary and explain.

Ans: There are four types of vocabulary. these are as follows:

  1. Listening vocabulary:- Words that we comprehend by hearing them make up the listening vocabulary. Deaf people can learn by being exposed to visual listening vocabulary.
  2. Speaking vocabulary:- Our speaking vocabulary is made up of the words we actually use. These are employed for instruction and communication.
  3. Reading vocabulary:- Vocabulary is greatly influenced by reading. Reading has shaped your vocabulary. The terms we learn when reading a text are referred to as reading vocabulary.
  4. Writing vocabulary:- The terms we learn when expressing ourselves in writing are referred to as writing vocabulary.

Q 2. How to improve your vocabulary?

Ans: There are many ways to improve vocabulary. Some of them are listed below.

  • Developing a Reading Habit and learning new pieces of English can enhance your Vocabulary skills.
  • Playing word games like puzzles and crosswords can help you boost your vocabulary.
  • Learn new vocabulary by using it in daily conversation with your friends and family members.
  • Using Flashcards can be helpful.
  • Listening to English music helps you learn new Vocabulary words with ease and fun.
  • English dictionary words can be also helpful to improve vocabulary.
  • Writing about your day at night or writing about general topics will help in improving your writing vocabulary skills.


  1. I’m sure the most efficient and budget-friendly way to reach your goal is to stay home. Whatever theories there are about improving one’s pronunciation, basically you can only improve it by imitating a native English speaker, who himself is a professional in correct pronunciation of the language.
    Have you ever seen how actors prepare to speak a foreign language or a specific dialect of their native language? By working hard, by listening intensely to a source on which the correct pronunciation is recorded, by recording their own imitation and comparing both versions. They repeat this exercise over and over again until they are able to (almost) perfectly imitating the original language, accent.
    1. Really good explanation.
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