Meaning and Definition of Sociological Basis of Education

The meaning of the sociological basis of education is that education should be arranged on the basis of the needs, aspirations and ideals of the socie

Meaning of Sociological Basis of Education

The meaning of the sociological basis of education is that education should be arranged on the basis of the needs, aspirations and ideals of the society. Such social qualities should be developed in the children through education so that they can perform their duties, exercise their rights and become capable, efficient, aware and dedicated citizens of the society and the state. Through education they should develop the ability to adapt with the society.

Meaning and Definition of Sociological Basis of Education

The basis of determining the objectives of education should be the life philosophy of that society, the structure of the society and its religious, political, cultural and economic status. Thus, the social basis of education emphasizes that the basis of education should be society. There should be all-round development of children through education, which can lead to progressive development of the society.

Meaning and Definition of Sociology

The Hindi word sociology is an adaptation of the English word "sociology". The word sociology in English is made up of two words "Socio" and "logy". Socio means belonging to society and logy means knowledge or science. Thus, the literal meaning of sociology is the science related to society, which studies the subject of society. Society here means human society. Thus sociology studies only human society. It is necessary to study the definitions given by different ideas to be fully acquainted with the form of sociology.

(1). According to Auguste Comte, "Sociology is the science of social order and social progress."

(2). According to Morris Ginsberg, "Sociology is the study of the interactions and interactions of human beings, their conditions and consequences."

(3). According to MacIver & Page, "Sociology is the systematic study of social relations. The network of social relations we call society."

Historical Aspect of Sociology

Man is a social animal. Individual and society are closely related to each other. One does not exist without the other. Society has no importance in the absence of individuals and in the absence of society, a person cannot survive, cannot develop himself. Society is an idol concept whose building is built on the foundation of the individual. The relationship between individual and society has been discussed since ancient times. Plato said that a person behaves in the same way as society teaches him to behave. An individual's behavior is a product of the society in which he is born and brought up.

Father's son in the world's oldest texts Indian Vedas; son's father; the king's subjects; the king of the subjects; husband's wife; wife's husband; And the duties of the individual towards the society and the individual of the society have been elaborately explained. But what is society? How is society formed? How does an individual interact in society? The systematic study of all this was first started in the world by the French philosopher August Comte and he called this study as sociology.

Overall it can be said that at present sociological base has its own role in the formation of education of any country.

Impact of Education on Society

  1. Protection of social heritage
  2. Arouse social sentiment
  3. Political development of society
  4. Economic development of society
  5. Social control
  6. Promote social change
  7. Social reform
  8. Child socialization

Impact of Society on Education

  1. Determining the nature of education
  2. Setting the purpose of education
  3. Determining the Curriculum of Education
  4. Determining Teaching Methods
  5. Design of school
  6. Determining Management Methods

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