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Mitanjay Chourasiya  M.Sc. (Physics)
Samar Chourasiya
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Hi, first of all, thanks for visiting this page. This page is all about me- Samar Chourasiya (Founder of "Samar Education"). You will get exciting things about my life.

About Samar Education

Success is all about taking new initiatives. I started developing a "Samar Education" in the year 2020. One day, I was teaching at the coaching center. Meanwhile, I thought, why not spread my knowledge to the world? So I started developing "Samar Education" on website. In 2020, a noble coronavirus arrived all over the world, so all colleges and schools in my country were closed and at this time I had more time to prepare this website and finally I got success to prepare it.

Our content and resources are freely available and we prefer to keep it that way to encourage our readers acquire as many skills as they would like to. We don’t force our readers to sign up with us or submit their details either. This web platform is basically created for Educational field like 11th, 12th, B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., Various Competitive exam and other fields of Education.


Our mission is to deliver short notes with clear, crisp, and to-the-point content on a wide range of higher educational subjects without any preconditions and impediments.

Why I started the Samar Education?

If you try to help others, God will help you surely. When I was studying for an M.Sc. then many topics of my syllabus were not finding in the various types of books or on any website of Google. Then, I tried to beg for some notes from my friends but no one helped me. From here, I decided to start an online platform for delivering all my notes to the world. I will put all my notes on the web, and you people can learn from there. It was just to help the students. I was unaware of any kind of business.

About Me

What to say about myself, I don't know. I am a simple guy from childhood, keen to learn new things and implement new ideas. Never worry about what I don't have. What I have is the best thing.

I was born at Siwan in Bihar, India. Currently, I am living in Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand in same country.


If you play sports, you fail sometimes, and it teaches you to keep going. In childhood, I was enjoying playing games like I Spy, Lattu (spinning top), Flying kite, Gilli Danda, Badminton, Ludo and marble (kancha). Later on I started playing Cricket, but now I spend my all time in teaching and learning.

I studied 1st to 8th in R.T.S.D. Hempur, Kashipur. I switched from there after that. I studied 9th to 12th in the G.I.C. Pratappur, Kashipur because of the better education.

Science Stream

Now it was the time to choose the stream, Science, Art or Commerce. My elder brothers suggested me to go for the Science side, it will be easier for you in choosing carrier. So I opted the science side. I studied 9 to 12th from Govt. Inter College, Kashipur. It was 3 km away from my home.


You can't get success without failures. After doing the 8th, I was not able to crack the entrance exam to college. After doing the 12th, I failed the entrance exam of B.Sc. It happened because I was weak in General Knowledge at that time. But, I was the master of my subject.


You can't get success without struggle, determination, hard work and decision-making ability. I don't want to specify my struggle here because, in the end, the result matters.

Belief in God

I have a strong belief in the existence of God. I think we are made of energy. One day, we will lose our energy (Aatma in Hindi), and it will go to God again (Parmatma in Hindi).

About Success

Everybody has different thoughts on Success. What are the key points to get successful? Luck! Maybe but not all the time. There are a lot of factors that make a person successful: positive thinking nature, your goal: you must know what do you have to do in life, decision-making ability, your working nature in setback and failures, time management: what are you doing now and what will you do in future, ready to take risks, and innovative ideas. Being ideal defines your success.

How many times were you frustrated while looking out for a good collection of Educational Content on Physics? What did you expect and what did you get? This portal has been created to provide well written, well thought and well explained solutions for selected questions.

At the end

Death is the bitter truth of life and it is the universal truth. But, before this, I have to do something inspiring, and be an ideal.

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