Today more and more youngsters from different streams like science, history, arts, and even engineering, aspire to join the civil services to become

Today more and more youngsters from different streams like science, history, arts, and even engineering, aspire to join the civil services to become an IAS, IFS, IPS, or join other administrative services. The civil services examination is one of the toughest exams in our country. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the Civil Services that can be obtained after passing the Civil Service Examination (CSE) held annually by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The exam is conducted in three stages:

  1. Prelims or Pre
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

Choosing the right coaching for IAS is a highly important strategy in the entire preparation phase. It sets the right tone for the IAS journey. There are a number of factors one should keep in mind while deciding their IAS coaching like faculty experience, past results, fees, coaching schedule, study material, alumni, location of the center, current batch, etc.

1. Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai is a premium and well-known IAS coaching institution. This coaching institution regularly holds test series to develop its students’ exam preparation. Shankar IAS Academy provides various sessions for students to get their questions answered, and this coaching facility assists them in doing better.

Fee Structure: 140000 + GST

Facilities provided:

  • Offers two-year and three-year integrated undergraduate courses.
  • Students can access Shankar IAS premier lessons both online and offline.
  • Counseling sessions are frequently held
  • Demonstration IAS classes are offered to Shankar IAS students.
  • Access to visuals helps for a deeper understanding
  • The hostel and PG services are available to students
  • Offers more than 200 courses, each lasting 150 minutes, for each preliminary and mains syllabus.

2. Chinmaya IAS Academy

Chinmaya IAS Academy is one of the leading IAS academies in Chennai. The Coaching Academy boasts end-to-end training. The classes include Consistent Assessment tests (daily & weekly evaluation tests), Map classes, essay writing practices, and Answer Writing Practices.

Facilities provided:

  • Daily and Weekly mock tests to aid you in completing in-depth preparation
  • Conducting Officer guest lectures
  • Free mentorship and counseling sessions
  • Study hall and library facilities
  • Readily accessible and updated study material
  • Consequent test series to track the progress

3. Success IAS Academy

Success IAS Academy was established in the year 2003 in Chennai. It is one of the leading IAS coaching centers in Chennai. They offer various civil service courses like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, UPSC, TNPSC, etc. The Academy boasts of having guided hundreds of students toward top ranks and further toward being dedicated officers serving the nation.

Facilities provided:

  • Video presentations.
  • Comprehensive training.
  • Personality development and leadership quality sessions.
  • Regular test series for evaluation.
  • Highly educated and knowledgeable faculty.

4. Officers IAS Academy

Officers IAS Academy is a premier institute for IAS coaching in Chennai. The academy has been in existence in over 7 cities. The coaching has been imparting training for over 20 years now. It offers both online as well as offline coaching.

5. The Hindu Zone Coaching

The HinduZone is a career guidance platform. The Hinduzone is not a coaching institute, it provides the best guidance for better preparation for various competitive exams for all students. The Hinduzone can guide you in selecting the Best IAS Coaching in India. It has the best counselors guiding you for the right coaching in the city as per your budget and time to prepare for the exam with no fees.

Facilities provided:

  • If an aspirant is enrolled in any coaching through their reference, The Hindu Zone provides them with a discounted fee.
  • Special e-learning Library Facility
  • Additional free study materials
  • Our aspirants would be assigned a mentor for a whole year who will guide aspirants throughout their examinations.
  • Evaluation of test series
  • Doubt session
  • Mock Interviews

Self-study always trumps any kind of teaching method, the time a person invests in something when he/she is not being supervised is the most important. Remember that the center is just there to simplify your preparation time. However, the time you spend on studying and sharpening your skills is what matters a lot. Let the coaching center act as your stepping stone and help you focus your efforts in the right direction. Happy studying!

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