Best Online Tech Magazines to Keep Up With

The world of tech is constantly churning and spitting out innovation regularly. The public cannot possibly keep up with how much there is to absorb on

The world of tech is constantly churning and spitting out innovation regularly. The public cannot possibly keep up with how much there is to absorb on a daily basis. For this, online tech magazines take it upon themselves to compile the juiciest of stories pertaining to the latest & greatest tech products. After a lot of sifting, only those devices that provide a viable improvement to one’s quality of life make it to magazines that can then help forward them to the viewer’s bucket list.

Best Online Tech Magazines to Keep Up With

If you’re not sure which magazine to hook yourself up with to get a fresh taste of what’s cooking in the tech market this year, follow along as we list down some of the biggest tech magazines. These mags are routinely updated with every issue to be chock full of relevant stuff that can help you deck out your room, office, gaming rig, or anything really that has space for tech.

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out the best techy magazines out there.


Owned by the global corporation Conde Nast, WIRED is the go-to tech magazine for tech enthusiasts worldwide. Not only does this mag cover topics pertaining to innovation worldwide, but it also covers how current culture, eco-politics, and geographical factors fall into getting the best of tech for themselves. WIRED gets its charm on through the engagement of celebrities and guest editors, both of whom are renowned globally.

The magazine has had the likes of James Cameron, J.J. Abrams, and even the great Christopher Nolan feature as surprise, guest editors. By doing so, WIRED has allowed a healthy mesh of popular figures to imbue their passion into various sections of their monthly issues. Apart from this, the mag pays homage to geek culture by encompassing gadgets, video games, home security, cameras, and even toys.

Popular Mechanics

A magazine almost as old as the first automobiles, Popular Mechanics likes to focus on the bigger contraptions and has been doing so since 1902. With only six issues per year, Popular Mechanics likes to blend the best of everything that the year has to offer in detailed, chunky pages so the users can enjoy gobbling them down for a good bit.

There’s a good amount of talk about DIY tech products, transportation, rockets, military-grade equipment, and gas guzzling vehicles. Despite the recent drop in viewership, Popular Mechanics has still managed to amass a good bit of subscribers that, according to, currently stand at 970,000 subscribers.

MIT Technology Review

Being a product of the top university in the world, you’d bet your bottom dollar that they’d have worthwhile listings of some good tech. And rightly so! MIT Technology Review is a magazine curated by some of the geekiest tech enthusiasts available. Their area of expertise includes but is certainly not limited to COVID Variant Tracking, Protein Folding, and progressive research on DNA Splicing.

Judging from their topics, you can see how much research goes into their mag. Lots of physics and bio are touched upon to bring to the public a watered-down study on various science topics. This helps enlighten students, professionals, and enthusiasts about the brilliance of physics!


With multiple subscription plans, Technowize offers accessibility to a wider range of audience. They have six-month, 12-month, and 36-month plans that go for $6.99, $12.99, and $19.99, respectively. Readers can get access to a big bunch of talk about apps, software, smartwatches, data, and cloud computing. Basically, a little bit of everything.

One of the main appreciable things about Technowize is how the mag chooses to promote tech startups who strive to go above and beyond to present their deliverables. By doing so, Technowize helps bring up small companies and project them in the limelight all because they’re choosing to be bold and do something new.

Sound & Vision

Targeting a more narrowed down niche, Sound & Vision chooses to bring information for those who want to concern themselves with feel good sounds. Linking itself with video content creation, Sound & Vision likes to touch upon streaming movies and TV. With its viewers coming from a pool of people who have settled for home entertainment and their systems are a reflection of this decision.


That’s a wrap on all the tech magazines we have for you today. All the aforementioned titles have a strong presence on a global scale, which, in turn, also warrants that the products they have listed inside of them can be found across the world. So get cracking and check out these brilliant magazines before their issues run out for the year.

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