Will Tech Be on The Driving Seat in 2024?

Last year, generative AI took center stage. Astonishing every one of its capabilities, AI left little loopholes to cater to this year. Be it Google...

Last year, generative AI took center stage. Astonishing every one of its capabilities, AI left little loopholes to cater to this year. Be it Google Bard or ChatGPT, the generative AI made us wonder what could be next.

Will Tech Be on The Driving Seat in 2024?

In tech, there’s only one certainty; uncertainty. Technology evolves so fast that its predictability becomes a bit difficult. Nevertheless, this specific trait makes us stay at our heels.

Leaping into a new year, we’re ready to be amazed by technological advancements. We’re not sure how, but somehow, the tech will pull a rabbit out of a hat.

In this article, we’ll make some predictions about tech advancements. These predictions may be right or wrong. Nevertheless, the tech would do what it always does. It is bound to be touched by greatness once again. So, let’s get started and see what wonders we can expect from technology this year.


Enhanced Automation

Intelligent Bots

Future Jobs

Internet of Things

Winding Up

1. Enhanced Automation:

If in 2023, people come to know about generative AI, in 2024, people will realize how transformative it can be. While many corporations and individuals took advantage of AI tools like Google Bard and ChatGPT, some were still skeptical.

Nevertheless, we predict a 180-degree change among the people and corporations. We don’t see any reason they’ll hold back after seeing the pros of AI. Not only this, the automation of work may become more engaging this year.

Last year, AI covered most of the basics. From content generation to graphics and logo designing to analyzing data, the AI tools had an answer to everything. This year, things may reach new heights.

AI may become much more receptive towards human emotions. This may help corporations to automate customer feedback. Moreover, companies may take advantage of finding or filtering out customers.

2. Intelligent Bots:

Till now, robots have been quite helpful. Be it restaurants or factories, robots can lend a hand for help. However, they’re not perfected to a stage where they’re able to comprehend human emotions.

However, as generative AI may be sidelined by a more understanding and emotionally intelligent counterpart, the robotics industry may observe such upgradation as well.

Such bots may have:

  • Advanced cognitive abilities where they may remember, think, understand, and act accordingly in a certain situation.
  • Medically, such bots can help in speech therapy and stress management.
  • Domestic bots may comprehend instructions thoroughly.

However, domestic robots such as house cleaners may work just fine without an internet connection. But you don’t want a bot creeping on the floor throughout the day. For that purpose, an internet connection is required for scheduled cleaning.

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3. Future Jobs:

For some time now, tech’s name has been quite tainted. The major reason is the loss of jobs. As the technology expanded, millions of people lost their automated jobs. Jobs that no longer needed a man do to them were taken over by bots and machines.

This may seem to be a problem, but it isn’t. You can call it a blessing in disguise. Why?

Because as much as tech replaced people on jobs, it created a lot more jobs. Goldman Sachs’s report suggests that AI automation may take over 300 million jobs in the future. However, the good news is that this displacement can be offset by the number of jobs it’ll create.

A study conducted in 2022 complements this fact. It states that around 60% of jobs in 2018 didn’t exist in 1940. So, what does it indicate? Simply that with each tech advancement, new jobs that are less redundant are created, and with each step, humanity progresses.

So, to say that AI or tech would eat our jobs isn’t the right statement. Even if it does, it’ll only replace those jobs that don’t need human effort and will create a lot of new jobs in return.

4. Internet of Things:

It’s been some years since 5G was launched. Since then, internet speeds around the globe reached new limits. However, have we seen the best yet? Definitely not!

With Wi-Fi 7 launching this year, the IoT sector may revolutionize. The connectivity will improve, and so does the bandwidth. With everything top-notch, the world may become more connected. There’s a high possibility that we see more self-driving cars and smartwatches getting more smarter.

Winding Up:

Tech is going to go a step further when it comes to advancements. There’s hardly a doubt about that. However, some sectors such as IoT and robotics may see exceptional improvements. Also, tech won’t take our jobs. Instead, it’ll create limitless opportunities for humans.

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