4 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students to Avoid Plagiarism in Assignments

Paraphrasing is the only way students can remove plagiarism effectively from their assignments. Out of myriads of paraphrasing tools available

Paraphrasing is the only way students can remove plagiarism effectively from their assignments. Out of myriads of paraphrasing tools available, it sometimes becomes hard to just pick one and that wastes so much time and energy that students can use on something more productive.

4 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students to Avoid Plagiarism

To make this search easier for you, we have gathered here some of the best paraphrasing tools. These sophisticated AI-based tools will make sure you are able to create highly unique content accurately and with minimum mistakes.

Before we jump ahead and discuss these tools, let’s briefly discuss some of the main advantages of using paraphrasing tools for writing important college assignments.

4 Best Paraphrasing Tools

1. Paraphrasingtool.ai

Paraphrasingtool.ai is a very useful tool when it comes to paraphrasing with high accuracy. It has a fast-loading speed which means no matter the size of the file or your internet speed, it will deliver great results in just a few minutes.

This tool is linked with a text summarizer as well. This summarizer helps you reduce large text files into concise and to-the-point versions which you can use to create your own unique content.

This tool allows you to play around with the style and tone of your text. You can paraphrase the same text an unlimited number of times using this free tool which allows you to make changes until you get the desired output.


Main Features

  1. Helps maintain the accuracy and the readability score of your text
  2. Can create multiple versions of the same text
  3. Comes with a very useful citation generator
  4. It supports German, Russian, Spanish, French, etc.
  5. Can Paraphrase about 10,000 characters or 1000 words at a time

2. Paraphrasetool.net

This amazing tool allows you to paraphrase any type of assignment using a simple set of steps that are mentioned on the landing page for your ease. With a very pleasant layout and fast paraphrasing, this tool gives you the best experience without asking for anything in return.

This tool can fetch content to be paraphrased from your phone, PC, or even cloud storage which increases accessibility and saves time. This tool can paraphrase your content in four different modes based on the complexity.

This tool offers unlimited paraphrasing, and it supports all the major languages across the globe. You can use it to rewrite content for SEO and general marketing purposes as well.


Main Features

  1. Allows you to rewrite unlimited times with free options
  2. Offers 4 distinct paraphrasing modes
  3. Can be accessed via PCs as well as smartphones
  4. The paraphrasing process is simple, fast, and self-explanatory
  5. No security risks to your sensitive data and account information

3. Essayrewriter.io

Essay Rewriter is really a blessing for students who wish to rewrite the same content again and again while keeping its original idea intact. Just below the original text box, you can see an upload button that you can use to paraphrase entire files directly instead of copying text little by little.

There are three modes for rewriting the content and each one generates different results which you can further paraphrase if you feel like the content is not the way you want it to be.

This tool takes user experience very seriously and that is why you do not find any difficulty while navigating through various sections of the website. This free rewriting tool allows you to paraphrase content without demanding any signup or log in which also saves time.


Main Features

  1. It breaks down the original text and replaces words with suitable synonyms
  2. Doesn’t affect the readability of the original text at all
  3. Can serve as your personal writing assistant
  4. Gives an Erase button to delete the content instantaneously after paraphrasing
  5. Offers quick rewriting while maintaining accuracy and originality

4. Sentencerephraser.com

This tool is quite effective for people who are just starting out as English language speakers or writers. This tool will give you the most simple and easy-to-understand alternatives for difficult words and phrases that you can use in your assignments.

With this amazing paraphrasing tool, you can easily create SEO-friendly content with high keyword density. This tool helps you to insert relevant keywords inside the text in the most natural way which increases the readability score of your text.

You can use this tool to paraphrase the content on three different levels. It supports various languages and gives the best output when it comes to writing any type of school or college assignment.


Main Features

  1. Offers an extensive database of phrases and words to use
  2. Can paraphrase the assignments in simple, advanced, and creative versions
  3. The tool is designed to detect and remove plagiarism
  4. The paraphrased output is always natural-sounding and accurate
  5. Generates human-level readability in your text

Benefits of Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing tools are great for writing academic and non-academic content for a number of reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. These tools save time by allowing you to rewrite thousands of words in a matter of a few minutes.
  2. They eliminate spelling, grammar, and other mistakes in the text to make it more accurate.
  3. Most paraphrasing tools generate creative content with near-human level readability.
  4. Using paraphrasing tools, you can rewrite any type of text while maintaining its originality.
  5. Paraphrasing tool offer you the 24/7 access and remarkable accuracy which makes it easier for you to rewrite any length of content, any time you want.

Final Thoughts

So, these are four of the best paraphrasing tools that you can check out right now if you are looking for some simple but effective platforms for paraphrasing your assignments.

Using these tools, you will be able to save so much of your time and energy while you write lengthy assignments. These tools stand out for their speed as well as accuracy with which they paraphrase your content.

We really hope you find these tools useful, and we wish you all the best for writing successful college assignments with a little less time and effort.

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