Concept Attainment Model

Concept Attainment Model is given by Jerome Bruner. This model requires a student to figure out the attributes of a category that is already formed in

Concept Attainment Teaching Model

Concept Attainment Model is given by Jerome Bruner. This model requires a student to figure out the attributes of a category that is already formed in another person’s mind by comparing and contrasting example (called exemplars) that contain the characteristics (called attributes) of the concepts with examples that do not contain those attributes. It enables the students to describe similarities and relationship among things of the environment.

Concept Attainment Model


Essentially the examplars are a subset of a collection of data or a data sets. The category is the subset or collection of examples that share one or more characteristics that are missing in the others. It is by comparing the positive examplars and contrasting them with the negative ones that the concept or category is learned. In the present study CAM is used as a tool to help the students to attain the concepts of English Grammar.

Components of Concept Attainment Model

Focus:- Burner, Goodnow, and Austin orient their work for the description of a process by which learners discriminate the attribute of thing, persons, events and place them into categories. Thus, the main focus is to develop inductive reasoning.

Syntax:- There are four phases of this model. The first phase presents data before the student to speculate about the concept. In signify phase students analyse their strategies for attaining concepts in phase two. Phase third provides unorganised data. Students analyse the given concepts in their attribute from unorganized data. The fourth phase gives an opportunity to practise concept formation.

Social System:- The teaching situation is mode rately structured. The teacher has to control all actions, but freedom is given for discussion within different phases of teaching. The teacher has to motivate the students to participate in the task of different phases. The teacher must be sure that the students are clear about their task of the first phase.

Support System:- The nature of data should be such that students may understand and identify the concept. The lessons require concept which can be arranged so that concepts may be drawn from the material. The material should be presented in discrete units: positive or negative. The students should know the sources of data or material.

Classroom Application:- It is more useful in classroom for language-teaching. The language-learner attains the linguistic structure, grammar or the syntactic structure of every language. The basic concepts of mathematics can be effectively taught. The concept attainment model can be used to establish the fundamental ideas which are at the root the difficulty. It can also function as a model for television teaching.

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