Meaning of Dedication Skill

Dedication means surrendering one's mind. Dedication means renunciation of desires, aspirations, desires. Giving up our ego and living life according

Meaning of Dedication

Dedication means surrendering one's mind. Dedication means renunciation of desires, aspirations, desires. Giving up our ego and living life according to the one to whom we have surrendered is called dedication. Dedication also in spirituality means surrendering one's soul. Saying this is as easy as it is difficult. Dedication to God is also very rare in man, devotion towards Guru is also rare, it is very rare for wife to surrender to husband, husband to wife, son to parents too.

Dedication Skill

We are not able to give up our ego all the time. We cannot even offer anything to others without greed. Offering prasad to God with the desire to get something, if the desire is not fulfilled then God changes. While God is only one. We even hide from God. Not being able to hide from the Guru is not possible for everyone. Because dedication means the death of my "I" and the birth of your "thou". That is, my personality is no longer mine, it has become that of my Guru or of my God.

In simple words, dedication means surrendering oneself completely with mind and intellect to a deity who has full faith and trust or without giving any reason and doubt as much as surrendering oneself to someone else for any use. To give. There is no room for doubt and logic in surrender. To whom one is surrendered, if there is doubt and selfishness on him, then there is no dedication, but it is only a mere pretense, which is far away in true dedication.

Why should you Dedicate?

Because unless there is surrender, there is no real happiness. Surrender is done to attain true happiness. If surrender is fraudulent, then even happiness will be just a pretense. It is through surrender that God becomes a helper. Meera surrendered, saying that 'Mero to girdhar gopal bas doosro na koi', then the poison that was given to Meera was converted into nectar by God. When Draupadi gave up and finally surrendered to only and only Shri Krishna, Lord Shri Krishna did not allow her to be ripped off and protected Draupadi's shame. Nothing worked for Draupado, only devotion to God came in handy.

When King Janak surrendered to Ashtavakra Rishi, King Janak immediately became aware. When the child Narendra, who later came to be known as Swami Vivekananda, surrendered to Ramakrishna Paramhansa, 'Kali Mata' appeared in his heart. No scripture could make Mahatma Buddha a Buddha. In the end, when the child Siddhartha surrendered completely to the Supreme Being sitting under a banyan tree, he immediately became a Buddha and this child Siddhartha later came to be called Mahatma Buddha.

Imperative of Dedication

All people have faith in one or the other God, but they neither have truth about devotion nor about love, so how can they understand about surrender? The word surrender is very simple but it is very mysterious. The word surrender has a very deep meaning. That's why today we will talk about surrender itself. All views expressed here are my own. It has nothing to do with any subject matter or person, and even if it does, it would be just a coincidence.

There are seven types of vices within you. It is very difficult to be free from the seven vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment, aversion, jealousy and ego. If it happens, then the last step is surrender. Without surrender, attainment of God is impossible and it is surrender which takes Bhakti to its destination. It is only by surrender that the soul gets absorbed in the Supreme Soul. This is not possible unless there is complete surrender. Achieving the goal is not possible without complete dedication. This is what surrender happens and the interesting thing is that as long as there is ego, surrender is not possible.

If you want to attain God, then you must accept all the creations of God. A mosquito is biting you and you kill it. So it cannot be surrender. Mosquito is also a creation of God as you are. If you love God as you want, how can you hate His creations? Joining the will of God is surrender. It was told in some previous article that love is the highest level of devotion and the highest peak of devotion is surrender. If there is no surrender, then even love is not complete. Surrender is also necessary for the perfection of love.

Radha loved Krishna very much, so Radha did not care about the society, the house, the world. He had loved only and only Krishna had complete devotion towards Krishna in Radha, only then Radha is immortal, this is the specialty of Radha Krishna's love in our heart. The devotion of both of them towards each other was very intense. When this feeling and love is awakened in our mind, then we get to know about our lover without speaking anything. Lover's desire goes without saying. When Krishna had left Radha, then everyone had told Radha to forget Krishna, but Radha had said that when love is from within, with precision, then distance does not matter. Love is done with the soul, not with the body. What happens on the plane of the body is only love, attachment and attraction, not love.

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