3 Best Tools for Summarizing Your Essays

Essay writing is a very common assignment in school. Depending on their major, high school students may have to write anywhere from 8-10 essays per

Essay writing is a very common assignment in school. Depending on their major, high school students may have to write anywhere from 8-10 essays per school year. Essays are a great way for teachers to gauge and understand how much their students have learned about a particular topic.

3 Best Tools for Summarizing Your Essays

Similarly, they are also a great way to teach as well. By asking students to read essays from different sources about certain topics and then summarizing them, teachers can see how much information students can grasp on their own.

Some students can find it hard to summarize essays. Understanding the content and extracting the key points from it can be tough for learners. But, luckily, they can utilize online summarizing tools to get a boost in the process.

And in this post, we’re going to be looking at three such tools that students can use for this purpose.

Three Online Summarizing Tools

There are many options available online when it comes to summarizing tools. However, students only require the ones that are free to use as they don’t have the financial power to afford paid ones. So, the tools that we are going to be mentioning in this list are all free to use.

1. Summarizer.org

Summarizer.org is an online text summarizer. It is available for free and does not require any payments or credit card details before it can be used. Another thing that students will like about it is that it does not need an account.

Considering that this tool is free, the features it offers are impressive, to say the least. Here are some of them.

  • It has support for six languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, and Indonesian.
  • It shows the word count of both the original and summarized text.
  • Users can select the length of the summary by moving a slider. The slider is analog and flexible, meaning you can move it to any value rather than pre-determined values.
  • You can upload Word and TXT files as input, and you can download the output as a DOCX file.
  • There is a shortcut for copying and deleting the output.
  • The summary can be seen as a paragraph, a bulleted list, or only as the best line.

These are all great features to have and they make this tool very easy and accessible to use. The screenshot below shows the tool in action.

3 Best Tools for Summarizing Your Essays

One thing that can be noticed, is that even though the summary length is supposed to be 50%, the actual summary is larger than that. That’s because if the input text is small, then it is difficult to shorten it too much.

2. Huggingface.co

The summarizer by Huggingface.co is a community-made tool. In other words, it is not made professionally. Since it is a community-made tool, it is not very feature-rich. You cannot upload files, get the summary in multiple formats, or even control the length of the summary.

Nevertheless, the summarizing capabilities of this tool are good enough. That’s why we have mentioned it on this list.

3 Best Tools for Summarizing Your Essays

Users simply need to enter their text in the box labeled “Text to be summarized” and press the “Submit” button to get the summary. The summary is shown in a separate box. As we mentioned before, it cannot be downloaded, so your only option is to copy it.

3 Best Tools for Summarizing Your Essays

The output shows how much time it took for the tool to create a summary. In our given example, it was only 1.3 secs, which is quite fast.

The results of this tool are good enough for students. They can use it to summarize essays easily. And to top it all, this tool is free and does not need registration either.

3. Summarizingtool.net

The final tool on our list belongs to an online platform. The text summarizer by Summarizingtool.net is available for free. The other tools on the platform do have premium versions, but the summarizer is totally free from start to end.

There are plenty of features available and they help to make this tool easier to use. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Supports eight languages including English, Spanish, German, and Swedish.
  • Supports uploading and downloading text files.
  • Allows users to choose the length of the summary.
  • It shows the word count for both input and output.
  • Users can see the summary in the form of a paragraph, bulleted list, or best sentence.

You can upload files in the Word and TXT format whereas the downloaded file will be in the DOCX format.

3 Best Tools for Summarizing Your Essays

The length of the summary can be chosen from among three pre-defined values. The values are 25%, 50%, and 75%. The output can be copied, deleted, or downloaded using shortcuts present on the screen.

3 Best Tools for Summarizing Your Essays

There are also integrations available with other tools provided by the platform. This is a nice feature to have, as it makes using the other tools easier.


These were three summarizing tools that are available online. These tools are great for students because they are free and do not require accounts.

Most of these tools have great features that further enhance their value. All of these tools are very good for summarizing essays. Since there aren’t any word limits on the input, even very large essays can be summarized in a single go.

Of course, students are not the only ones who can utilize these tools. Anyone who requires a summarizer can get assistance from them.

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