How to Self-Publish on Amazon? Everything You Need To Know

Put aside your worries now because Amazon has made publishing books much easier than before. Being one of the most reliable self-publishing sites.

The excitement of completing your first-ever book is irreplaceable! But what’s next? How are you going to present that book to everyone around the globe?

How to Self-Publish on Amazon?

Put aside your worries now because Amazon has made publishing books much easier than before. Being one of the most reliable self-publishing sites, Amazon assists aspiring writers in getting their books recognized by readers worldwide. To make sure that you are making the most out of this rewarding site, we have gathered for you the best tips that you need to be aware of in order to self-publish a book.

Finalize Your Book

Before publishing your book through Amazon, it is essential to make sure that the final draft is formatted and has no errors. Polish the final draft to your best capabilities, eliminate all sorts of typos and syntactical errors, and make the book error-free. Make the book easier to read and maintain the quality standards in order to save your book from getting rejected.

Kindle Account

To get started with self-publishing on Amazon, it is necessary to create a new account on Kindle Direct Publishing. Fill in all your personal information ranging from your name, and address to zip code, email, etc. All of this information will be used by Amazon in order to keep you in the loop with all the important notifications.

Publication Format

Moving forward, once you have made your account on Kindle, you will now be able to access the option of having your book printed in the form of a traditional paperback or in a digital e-reader. You are always open to making choices according to the audience that you are targeting.

Book Formatting

Like most of us, you might have also written your book on a standard word document; however, to publish it, it is essential to get it reformatted to ensure its correct display. The tutorials available on Amazon have made it easier for authors to get their books published without any hassles. Besides, you can also utilize the pre-made templates if you plan to publish a paperback.

Surf Through Bookshelf

The very next step is to upload your work on the site. To proceed, you need to go to the bookshelf in your account and select the option for the format that you are choosing. Once you are finished, the site will ask you to fill in all the necessary information about yourself and your work. This includes the title of your book, a short description of what your text consists of, your targeted audience, etc. Be sure to pick on some valuable keywords that can help you in landing on your targeted audience. Be precise and effective!

Cover Art For Your Book

Now that you are done with uploading the information about your book, the next step is to upload something that will visually appeal to your readers; the book cover! Keep in mind that the cover you are uploading is going to capture all the attention and would divert a customer to either read your book or drop their choice. After uploading your artistic book cover, you move towards uploading the final draft of your writing.

Upload Your Book

Moving towards the final stage of Amazon KDP publishing, it’s time to finally upload your writing piece! This stage can take up to several minutes. Therefore, you have to be patient! Preview the final drafts of the book and the book cover before you publish your final draft.

Set A Price and Publish The Book

And here comes the last stage of publishing your own book on Amazon. Set a price of the book that you think is reasonable while considering the marketability of the subject you have written on. Once you have decided on the pricing, you are all set to finally upload your book! Click on the button right in front of you, quoting, “publish your paper book.”

With evolving technology, publishing your own books has become much easier. By keeping in mind all of these tips, you can be assured of publishing a book on Amazon without any hassles.

However; the whole process requires a whole lot of time and effort. While understanding that you might get caught up in the core task, that is, writing a book. You might not be able to take to publish it. No more worries because Ghost Writing Professionals can help you put aside all your publishing concerns. Ranging from creating Amazon KDP publishing accounts to setting prices according to you, the experienced crew at Ghost Writing Professionals can do it all.

So, if you plan on publishing a book but can’t take sufficient time out, now you know the path. Get set, go, and publish your great writing pieces nowadays!

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